MathMLStudio Lite

MathMLStudio Lite 1.0

A tool for converting TeX formulas into MathML

MathMLStudio Lite is a useful software program which you can use to convert a TeX formula into MathML. The software supports a large subset of Plain TeX.

Some LaTeX and some AMS-TeX math commands are also recognized so if you have formulas in these formats, you would only be required to perform minimal changes to conform the syntax used in the application.

MathMLStudio Lite comes with samples of simple to complicated formulas, a help file, and a PDF listing for the symbols supported. The browser also immediately lets you see the generated MathML.

The MathML code can be easily copied onto the clipboard for pasting or use in another document. MathMLStudio Lite supports several platforms including Windows XP and Windows 2000 and is an easy to use, flexible and convenient program which is very helpful for people, like coders or programmers, who would like to easily convert TeX formulas into MathMLs.